Senior Media Relations Strategist
Texas Association of Counties

Mr. Jody Seaborn
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PO Box 2131
Austin,TX 78768-2131
(512) 478-8753

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PO Box 2131
Austin,TX 78768-2131
(512) 478-8753

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Directs and develops TAC’s media relations strategy and media relations policies and procedures. Develops and distributes news releases, media statements and media outreach plans, and conducts media outreach events. Collaborates to develop legislative media relations before, during and after the legislative session. Serves as liaison with local, state and national media, and develops and maintains relationships with reporters and editorial boards and communications directors of member counties and legislative offices. Maintains the media resources page on TAC’s public website. Conducts media relations training for executives and subject matter experts as requested. Provides media relations advice to TAC executives and subject matter experts, as well as county officials, as needed. Responsible for providing excellent customer service to all internal and external clients.
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