County Trading Post

Welcome to County Trading Post. Post the sale of and search for all types of vehicles and heavy equipment submitted by county personnel from one of Texas’ 254 counties. Every year, counties are replacing a number of vehicles and heavy equipment that another county could use and buy directly from the seller county, (potentially saving on equipment purchases). Use this site to post and search for equipment available before budget time and then contact the seller county to negotiate and purchase what you need.

Important notice: TAC provides this site for the convenience of its members but does not guarantee the condition, quality, or specifications of any items posted hereon. Users of this page agree that TAC, it’s officers, employees, and assigns shall not be liable for any damages associated with the use of this site or damages associated with the use of equipment purchased through this site.  Further, this page is not intended to constitute legal advice and users are responsible for complying with all rules, regulations, and laws governing the sale, purchase, transfer, or procurement of property.

Searching for Items

Find item details and contact instructions for each posting by clicking its “Item” link.

Note: If you are posting a new list of items, view the "Trading Post Example" to see a sample of what to include in a posting.

ItemLocationDate PostedPosting Expires*
Trading Post Example: BulldozersA Lone Star County, City, Texas3/15/202212/31/2099646267

* Date posting will be removed from this website.

Posting Item Lists

If you are an official county seller and would like to post items to the County Trading Post please complete the request form. If you already have an account, please sign in and visit the Manage Item Postings page to add or edit postings. View the "Trading Post Example" to see a sample of what to include in a posting. Download instructions here .